Minus One


Gonna lay down
my sword and shield,
down by the riverside,
down by the river-


What, was I off-key?

******** Wiseass.


******** What do you find so amusing about this?

On the surface, yes, it would seem that I don’t have a lot to smile about… I don’t much enjoy you striking me repeatedly with your truncheon, or being forced to scrub these sidewalks, to tell you the truth. More generally I could certainly do without being subjected to the demented whims of you hideous sickos, day in and day out. And that you are apparently intent on ultimately killing all of us, down to every last child and baby, you could say is rather a “downer” too… But that you will not live long enough to ever enjoy the “Jew-free” world that you are working so obsessively towards, because when the Allies win, they’re going to string up all of you vile cretins like a colossal garland for Satan- now that, is fucking hilarious.

Uh- excuse me! Please pardon our sister… She sometimes, inexplicably, has these strange outbursts. Rachel, will you PLEASE shut the fuck up!

Oh, alright. I’ll go back to cleaning the sidewalks without further complaint, or any other talking, or singing. But for the record I just want to say that I’m only doing so for you, dear Esther, and not for that walking stain on humanity over there.


Copyright © 2016 by Sandra Goldstein.