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Addendum, 3/8/2017: My responses to the comments I’ve received have ended up being quite a lot longer than I had expected they’d be (perhaps on account of how thought provoking the visitors’ comments have been, or perhaps it’s because of how verbose I’m capable of being, or, maybe some combination of the above…) But at any rate- perhaps a little index might be helpful now:

Lib and Kweli Nzito: Thanks for your input, & encouragement. ☺

talknic and Skeptical: Oy, the right of return… these dudes say that there can’t be any peace unless this is granted to the Palestinians, and, they won’t back down on it. So I’m not seeing how I have any choice but to comply, if I want for there to be peace. But if this is the case, then I feel this forces a “counter-challenge”, the details of which have yet to be fully determined (I leave it as an open question, but it’s something along the lines of a way for the Palestinians to demonstrate, convincingly, that they will no longer be violent and hostile towards the Israelis).

Sean Hogan: A consideration of the various possible “B’s”. And, a very key component of all of this (also yet to be fully determined), which is how, exactly, such a peace can be arrived at…

Anti-Talmudist/Former Anti-Talmudist/Now Man for Hope: The extent to which religion is a factor in this conflict… and the importance of not only not being a hater, but also, to be careful as to not even give off the appearance of being one.

And because this comments page has gotten to be so long, I’ve created a second one (click here to go to it), which I recommend should be used instead, if you would like to start a new thread- thanks. ☮

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