Here are two ways to get to B, even if people cannot change:

The first way relies on the fact that people don’t live forever. Eventually, by some indeterminate day in the future, all of the hateful and hopelessly clueless people that are alive today, will be dead. And so then, if the subsequent generation is on the whole more open minded and impartial, with fewer so staunchly unaccepting of peace- fewer enough, that peace was realizable- then this would be a path to B that doesn’t involve people having to change.

But what’s the downside to this path? The downside is that it could take a very long time… so long, that it might not happen during our lifetimes. We’d sort of be like the Israelites wandering in the desert for decades, never reaching the Promised Land until the generation that had left Egypt had completely died off, as retribution for the creation by that generation of the golden calf. Thus in essence, our golden calf- that which is keeping us from getting to where we’d like to be- is the sum of all those closed minds in our generation that we collectively are failing to open.

And the other path to B, if people cannot change? Well if both sides persist as they are, refusing to budge an iota, then one day it could culminate in an all-out, full-blown, cataclysmic war between them. And then, after their populations have been decimated, and their countries lay in devastated waste, the fighting between them would finally end- not due to a lack of desire to continue fighting (given the premise, that they are incapable of reversing their antagonistic predilections), but rather, the fighting stops simply due to the war rendering them not able to fight any longer.

So, what’s the downside of cataclysmic war? SERIOUSLY!?!?? The downside of cataclysmic war???? The downside of cataclysmic war is #!%@&*-ing CATACLYSMIC WAR!!!!! MASSIVE DEATH!!!! MASSIVE DESTRUCTION!!!!! GOD, NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Man oh man, would this SUCK!!!

DEAR WORLD: Please, PRETTY please, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP– let it NOT come to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now, what of the other possibility- that maybe, enough people can change…?

Published in 2016 by Sandra Goldstein.