Well, that’s it- this is all I’ve got.

I welcome any and all comments, but there are 3 things in particular that I am most especially interested in:

I. Alternate B’s- but note that any proposed B must satisfy both requirements given in States, and you’ll need to demonstrate the attainability of your B, by laying out a viable path to it. And (just in case there was any lingering ambiguity as to my expectations), in your defense of your B, I request that you please…

Do not ignore what is relevant.

Do not put forth that which although may be true, is not relevant.

Do not put forth what is not true.

II. Any genuine testimonies you might happen to know of, such as what I had pondered about in Beta– something that could begin, “I used to be in favor of genocide, but today I no longer am, and this is why…” I.e., what exactly is different for this person, then versus now, which has resulted in this person feeling the way they did then, but the opposite way now.

I suppose some prankster could make up something, just to mess with me, to see if I’d fall for it. But wouldn’t trying to trick someone, whose only goal here is to bring humanity closer to peace, be kind of a**hole-ish? And besides, a “fake” answer probably wouldn’t “work”, in terms of achieving the desired objective. Once again, the reason a “real” testimony has a chance of working, is that it is something which has presumably already worked (namely, on that person who has given the testimony).

III. Any explanation you may be able to offer, as to how to reconcile the advent of the messianic era, with people retaining their free will.

I can’t be the first person to have wondered about this… I thus suppose there must already be an “official” answer, that I could probably obtain with as little effort as asking a rabbi, or a jaunt to the library. But, what really matters more- what the “right” answer is, or, what actual people today are thinking?

I do wonder, who I might have offended…

Jews… Yeah, perhaps I may have offended some Jews… And Christians… and Muslims… and Palestinians… and Israelis… and Russians… and Germans… oh hell, maybe everyone on the whole darn planet… Oh yeah, and God too (hey, why limit myself to angering only mortals, after all? I may very well have invited a decisive lightning strike on myself, with the snarky latte bit…)

But, to invoke another popular meme: I spin like Julie Andrews, and say,

This is me-
Not giving a sh*t.

I’ve simply stopped caring, about any person’s (or deity’s) outrage. Sure- maybe I’m off-base on a lot of this stuff… but if I am, don’t just declare it- prove it.

The one group of people that I probably haven’t offended, are Vulcans- I don’t think there was anything I’ve said of them which could be construed negatively.

Oh, but they don’t actually exist… they’re fictitious. Well, as far as we know, anyway… it is a great big universe out there after all, with jillions of stars, and a ka-zillion planets around those jillions of stars… maybe, maybe, there is a planet out there somewhere, whose people worship Logic, as fervently as we worship… things that are not always so logical…

Or, maybe we could become such a planet ourselves, if we choose to?



Long Live And Prosper

(“Peace on Earth”… get it? )

Published in 2016 by Sandra Goldstein.