Haters… I love haters. Dontcha just love haters?

Haters be like-


(Aw… Whoooozagoodwittlesociopath???? YOOOzagoodwittlesociopath!!!!)

And those are the more articulate ones. Others are just…

DIE!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!! DIE!!!! DIE!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

How to respond… how to respond…

I wonder, what is the best answer to this… I think of all the great philosophers, and spiritual teachers, throughout all of history, and all the world, what might they say…

And then one day, I stop dead in my tracks, facing my refrigerator… and there in front of me on the refrigerator is a magnet… with Grumpy Cat’s photo on it… and the caption,

It’s not me. It’s you.

And it hit me- YES. That’s it!!!

I don’t need to be less “hateable”.

You need to be less of an a**hole.

(Apologies in advance, but I earnestly believe that the very best answer to Jew-haters, just so happens to be, as they say, “NSFW”…)

I’m not perfect- no one is. Sure, I’ve got my flaws, I’ll be the first to admit it. So if you want to point to things that I’m wrong about, me- as an individual, like for example, perhaps I shouldn’t yell at my kids so much, such as in my anecdote in Percentages & Quadrants (you could say, “Sandra- they are just kids after all, and you doubtfully were Gandhi yourself at that age…”), OK, fine. But the moment you bring my ethnicity into this, and are all, “you Jews this”, and “you Jews that”… well, then my answer immediately becomes:

@#$&* you.

And what’s real beautiful about this response is that it also works equally well for a person of any other group facing prejudice (Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, etc. etc.)

If you’re at the point where you can condemn every single member of an entire race/religion/nationality/what-have-you, then the problem is not with whatever people you despise so much, the problem is with you. So just go off and work this sh*t out on your own- and leave us the hell out of it.

Here is a question that I’m inclined to believe is one for which an answer exists, but the answer is unknown:

Are there some people, whose heads are so firmly lodged in their posteriors, that there is no Earthly force that can dislodge them?

My guess (which is just a guess, because I can’t prove it) is that the answer to this is, yes– for some people, there’s absolutely nothing that can be said to them that can dissuade them from their hateful ways.

I have not been able to come up with a “solution”- i.e. the right words that could make a chronic hater reflect, and reconsider. This is mainly because there’s only one tool that I’ve got in my toolbox… Logic. And unfortunately logic alone doesn’t work, because if they were logical, then they wouldn’t be the way they are in the first place.

Something which indicates a lack of logic, in this regard: a criticism that is commonly leveled at the Israelis by the Palestinians, and vice versa, is that they are bigoted against the members of the other side (and btw, another intriguing little irony nestled in here- “I hate them because they’re all such bigots…”)

Well, if the other side’s alleged bigotry is pissing them off so much, then, logically, shouldn’t they be heartened and pleased by instances where there was the opposite (civility, understanding, cooperation, etc.), as exemplified in the Israel-loves-Palestine, and Palestine-loves-Israel groups? Because these mutual displays of pure goodness & kindness ought to be what they really want, if they’re making such a big stink about the bigotry that they’re attributing to the other side. However I doubt that too many of them have ‘Liked’ Israel-loves-Palestine and/or Palestine-loves-Israel, because these groups would have a helluva lot more Likes, if they did.

For that matter… why would anyone not like Israel-loves-Palestine and/or Palestine-loves-Israel? Hey, wait a minute… if everyone ought to like these groups, then, that would include you too, right? Yeah, YOU- you reading this right now- have you Liked Israel-loves-Palestine and/or Palestine-loves-Israel? No? Well why not? Be the damn change you want to see in the damn world

“Can we get 7,000,000,000 Likes?”

Consider this: what sort of viewpoint do people develop, if they’re only exposed to the negative elements of a situation? Will they have a fully accurate conception of what is possible, if they never know of the positive components of the picture?

And there’s other evidence that leads me to believe that for some haters, change is impossible. Take for instance, Holocaust deniers. As illustrated by a Venn diagram-

they are a wholly contained subset of anti-Semites. The significance of this, is that it allows a reframing of the discussion.

It is utterly futile to engage this head-on, because with the Holocaust being the single most well documented event in all of history, confronting the revisionist b.s. takes you directly down an infinite rabbit hole.

So instead, à la the above diagram, we could just insist they justify their hatred of Jews. Although, this tack is no less futile… the reason for this alternate approach is not for any hopes in that regard, but just that it makes the argument that much shorter. Because whatever justifications they come up with for their hatred will also be lies, invariably. And then at this point you’re done- as this proves that for them, the conclusion comes first, and the reason comes second, since we see that they are forced to make up their reasons (the origin of their lying) as no true reasons exist to support their conclusion- and right there is classic circular madness, “batta-bing, batta-boom”.

So perhaps it is true that some people will never prefer peace, to their old belligerent ways. But is absolute unanimous acceptance of peace necessary, in order to have peace? Maybe it is only necessary for some percentage of the people (whatever that might be) to want peace, for there to be peace. Regarding Israel and Palestine, we’re not at that percentage point yet, and it seems that some people cannot change, but can enough people change, to tip the scales? So, there’s two possibilities: either enough people are able to change so that the needed percentage is reached, or not. I’d first like to consider the latter case: would it still be possible to get to B, if not enough people can change? I do believe so, and in the following chapter will I present two paths that could lead to B, even if people are incapable of changing.

Published in 2016 by Sandra Goldstein.